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About Citygirl Juliana

Renown trader known to blow up a couple of times, now long and short the market as she reaps the rewards of the recent implosion of 2020.  Meanwhile, she travels the world with her realized gains drinking lattes.

Her Story

The Highest Levels Of Trading

Took out 7 bank loans when the trade went against her.  Made bank being long Volatility (TVIX) in the 1Q of 2020




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A Brief History

Former Senior Vice President Morgan Stanley and Senior Equity Sales Trader at Carlin Financial. It was a good run.


"Working for the esteemed website has been a dream come true. Citygirl comes up with the greatest content and is the world’s best boss!! Oh, and she’s gorgeous too😎"

Richard Fritz

Our Team

Michael Chase

 John (Juan) Smith

Jill Anderson

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